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Week 11 ~ Oct.31st-Nov.4th

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Art 1

  • Still Life:  a painting or drawing of an arrangement of objects, typically including fruit and flowers and objects contrasting with these in texture, such as bowls and glassware.

Mini Still Life on 6″ x 9″ drawing paper, using 12 shades of gray

Tip 1: Look at what you are drawing

Tip 2: Draw from real objects whenever possible

Tip 3: Don’t trace

Tip 4: Understand perspective

Tip 5. Use grids, guidelines or rough forms to get the proportions right before you add details

Tip 6: Be wary of ellipses

Tip 7: Keep the outlines light

Tip 8: Have a Good Range of Tone

Tip 9: Use mark-making to convey surface quality and texture

Art 2

  • Surrealism in Black and White

Surrealistic drawing in black and white color pencil on brown Canson paper.

Students will first take a picture of a set of hands – their own or someone else.  They will then search for and add other images and elements to their hand composition to create a Surrealistic drawing.  Students will potentially need to change the scale of certain images in order to incorporate them successfully into their composition.  Multiple Elements and Principles will be utilized in this drawing, specifically: unity, proportion, space, and contrast.

AP Art History

Unit Four:  South, Central, East and Southeast Asia

  • How do art and architecture reflect beliefs and practices?
  • How do art and architecture reveal cross-cultural connections and influences?

Great Stupa, Lakshmana, Angkor, Buddha, Longmen Caves, Todai-ji, Borobudur Temple

For Tuesday,  Read:  “Eight Scenes of the Buddha’s Life”

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