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Week 4 ~ September 12-16

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Art 1

  • Line- a moving point through space



  • Monday (P2/P3) & Tuesday (G2/G3)
    • Emotions and lines, blind contour, gesture drawing, upside down contour


  • Wednesday & Thursday
    • Contour Shoes Project:  Thumbnail Sketches & Demo


Art 2


  • Free Project:  finish this week (3 days)


  • Next Week:  Mural


AP Art History

  • Prehistory and the Pacific
Tuesday:  The Ancients Portray the World Around Them:

Before class, students read Art History’s introduction to prehistory and the first half of the Paleolithic section.

Students sketch the Great Hall of the Bulls and Beaker with Ibex Motifs, and partners discuss what these works suggest about the relationship between prehistoric peoples and the natural world.

We work through the images chronologically, and then do formal analysis emphasizing distinctions between solid contextual evidence, scholarly conjecture arrived at through interdisciplinary collaboration, and irresponsible speculation.

Before addressing the Great Hall of the Bulls, we watch the virtual tour of the Lascaux cave so that students have a fuller understanding of its siting.


Students blog: 1) Describe a time when you experienced fear and wanted someone to protect you Explain the feelings you had 2) Describe a time when you felt protective of someone or something Explain those feelings Partners discuss blog responses, focusing on emotions and physical characteristics associated with protectors and protection Students compare the formal aspects of the two “masks” (At the Crease and Te Pehi Kupe’s Self-portrait) as well as ways they might communicate both power and protection Danby, Ken At the Crease.



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