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Week 3 ~ Sept. 6th-9th

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Art 1

  • Finish:  Personal Logos (using paint brushes, acrylic paint, palettes, smocks)
  • Thursday/Friday
    • 3 minute warm-up worksheet


  • Emotions and lines worksheet

Art 2


  • Continue working on Free Painting, using your imagination and creativity to show me what you’re capable of making.

AP Art History

  • Finish:  Mastering the Approach
(4) Thematic Connections: Student pairs draw an image matched with one of the optional course themes or sub-themes from a hat. Students choose two other works from the required course content that offer different approaches to their theme, then prepare for a roundtable discussion over the following two days to discuss their works using the skills we have been practicing They prepare to do both visual and contextual analysis as they justify their thematic choices and “connect the dots”

During class or before the next class, students read  the sections relating to The Night Attack on the Sanjo Palace and Alexander Mosaic in their text. In class, partners spend five minutes discussing the form, function, content, and context of the works, as well as ways responses are elicited from the viewer. Students write an In-class 30-minute essay synthesizing those issues as they relate to those works of art


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