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Wk. 22 ~ Feb. 8th-11th

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Art 1

  • Analogous Musician Portrait
    • Everyone should be in the painting stage by now.
      • Remember that you are matching the values using tints and shades of your analogous colors.
      • Take your time and don’t rush by doing too much all at once.


Art 2 

  • AAM Young Curators:  Generation Now
    • 6 days of class remaining to work on this project
      • Keep up the great work!

AP Art History

  • Renaissance and Enlightenment, Europe 1400-1750 
    • Name this work of art and the artist.



  • Powerpoint lecture


  • Formative Assessment: Short Essay Practice

    Students write for 15 minutes in response to the following prompt:

    Fully identify this work of art and its medium. How does it reflect both the Northern European artistic background of the artist and the influence of his exposure to artistic traditions in Italy?



  • Present Recreation of Famous Photo
  • Assign Reflection 

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