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Monday, September 15th

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Purple Day


Art 1


  • Contour Shoes:  If you haven’t begun your project, you should today.  Keep these 3 things in mind:  Life-size shoes, overlapping, balanced composition. We will work on these today and Wednesday.


  • Paper Mache:  If you haven’t begun painting your sculpture, you should today.  Keep in mind:  Color mixing.  We will finish this project this week.

Digital Photography


  • Photography Timeline (1900-present):  Continue working on your timeline.  Keep in mind:  You must include the year, a photo, a brief description of the event.


  1. fkorb says:

    Sunny – How do you STORE the WET Paper Mache projects? Also… what recipie would you suggest as the BEST you’ve used in the past?

  2. Hi Frank! This is the first time in years that I’ve attempted Paper Mache. I used a mixture of flour and water and stored them on my empty counters to dry. So far, so good. The kids have really enjoyed this project. Everyone feels successful, which is an awesome way to start off the year!

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