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Day 134 ~ Purple

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Art 1


(1.2)  Historical and cultural context are found in visual art

(2.1)  Reflective strategies are used to understand the creative process

(3.2)  Assess and produce art with various materials and methods


Emulation -to copy or mimic


IMG_1321  Katsushika Hokusai

IMG_1318  Keith Haring

IMG_1320  Vincent Van Gogh


1.  Pick out the ski of your choice from outside.

2.  Remove the bindings using a screwdriver.

3.  Rough up the smooth texture using sandpaper.

4.  Wipe down any dust and dirt.

5.  Paint one layer of gesso onto the top of your ski.

6.  Pick a painting out of the black Emulation binder.

7.  Sketch out your design in pencil.

8.  Begin painting.

9.  Be as exact as possible, including colors, proportions, etc.

10.  Research your artist for a two minute presentation.


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