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Day 63 ~ Purple

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Art 1

Goal:  Revise and improve your work by assessing it against specific criteria relating to art materials and techniques.


  • Continue drawing your Two Point Perspective Cityscape, begin adding sidewalks, doors, windows, awnings, signs, etc.  If you are ready, you may begin adding value (lights and darks).


Goal:  Revise and improve your work by assessing it against specific criteria relating to art materials and techniques.


How to make a print

In the same way that all roads lead to Rome, all parts of the photographic process lead to this – the making of a print. If you’re not going to see it right through to the end and make a glorious print to hang on your wall, then you’d be as well sticking with digital – the equivalent of getting off the Rome express in Brighton.

So how do we go about making a darkroom print in the most practical, easy and foolproof way? As in getting a good negative, it pays to keep things nice and simple. Tried and tested rather than flashy and complicated. That means making use of resin-coated (RC) multigrade paper and test strips. Multigrade will make it easier for you to select the right contrast grade for your negative and test strips take care of the exposure. Resin coated is easier to process and wash than fibre-based and dries flatter.

The old adage applied when dealing with negative film – expose for the shadows and develop for the highlights – is used in reverse in the darkroom – sort of. We expose for the highlights and choose the contrast grade of paper to deliver the right shadow detail.

Assuming you’ve got your developer, stop bath and fixer set out in trays on your darkroom bench, pop the chosen neg (preferably one with a good range of tones and a similar density all over rather than one with very bright sky or overly dark foreground) in the enlarger’s carrier, frame it and focus. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to stick with what works when you’re starting off and not what might be the very best so choose the middle f-stop on your enlarging lens and switch off the enlarger (top quality enlarging lenses might be sharper a stop or two from their maximum rather than stopped down to a middle f-stop).

  • Everyone must make a CONTACT SHEET.  Those who have already learned how to and made their own, must teach another person and so on, until everyone has learned.
  • Pick your best negative and make a PRINT.

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