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Day 42 ~ Gold

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Friday, October 25, 2013



Art 2

Goal:  (3.1)  Demonstrate competency in traditional and new art media

images-1What are those things?

  • Soft Pastel Techniques

Blending, crosshatching, stippling, turned on its side, etc.

Art 1

Goal:  (4.2)  Communication through advanced visual methods is a necessary skill in everyday art


Still Life- a painting or drawing of inanimate objects

  • Today we will create a study or “rough draft.”
  • Use the viewfinder to plan out your design (composition).  Make it so that it attracts the viewer and pulls them in.  Consider space and balance.
  • Lightly sketch the basic shapes and design onto your paper.
  • When you are ready, you will begin your final on 12″ x 18″ paper, looking closely at where the light hits the objects, shading accordingly.


Goal:  (1.2)  Historical and cultural context are found in visual art

Goal:  (1.3)  Art and design have purpose and function


  • Black and White Photography Quiz on Ch. 1, 3, &4
  1. What does SLR stand for?
  2. If you are looking at the back of the camera, what side do you load the film cassette into?
  3. What two settings on the camera control light?
  4. Name the four characteristics of film.
  5. What is the setting for aperture called?
  6. What is depth of field?
  7. Is f/2 the most or least amount of light that can reach the film?
  • Practice rolling film while watch Richard Avedon movie

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