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Day 40 ~ Gold

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Art 2

Goal:  (3.1)  Demonstrate competency in traditional and new art media

images-1What are those things?

  • Soft Pastel Techniques

Art 1

Goal:  (4.3)  Art is a lifelong endeavor

  • Practice SIGHTING


There are things you can use your pencil for other than the act of drawing itself. It can be used as a measuring tool to gauge relative scale of objects and also as a way to determine approximate angles of objects or areas allowing them to assume the illusion of perspective.

First, we will look at the pencil as a measuring tool.

By placing your pencil eraser or top at the top edge of whatever it is you want to measure and your thumb on your pencil at the bottom of whatever item you are measuring, you can get an approximation of scale when you move to another object in your still life, room, etc.

Without moving your thumb turn the pencil to approximately measure another part of the object. The relationship of these two measurements will be the proportions you transfer to your picture plane.

For example: in the above instance the window is about one third taller than it is wide.



Are you ready for this?  

  • Presentations of 40 Paperclips
  • Read Ch. 1, Beginnings, Ch. 3, Black and White Film & Ch. 4, The Camera Lens
  • Practice rolling film
  • Chapter quiz on FRIDAY!

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