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Day 35 ~ Gold

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock… The Clock Does Not Stop! Get your late work in! Some credit is better than no credit! Would you rather have 50 cents from a dollar or Zero cents from a dollar?


1st Quarter ends on October 25th (next Friday)!

Art 2


  • Continue working on Paper Bag Drawing

If you stand back and look at your bag from a distance, can you see a variety of shades?  Are you showing texture accurately through your use of value?

Art 1



Using a ruler and a pencil, draw 12 one inch squares side by side, parallel to the paper.  The 1st square should be white, the next square will be extremely light gray, the next a little darker, and the next even darker, etc.  The 12th square will be the blackest your pencil will go.  This scale will be used as a reference for your still life project.  The better you do on this scale showing 12 shades, the better your STILL LIFE will be!



  • Practice rolling film
  • Catch up on missing work!

What do you want your grade to be in this class?

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