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Day 23 ~ Gold

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Friday, September 27, 2013


Art 1

Goal:  (3.2)  Assess and produce art with various materials and methods

  • Begin Contour Shoes thumbnail sketches, 3 different views, overlapping.  Think about line, shape, and space.  Really look at what you see, not what you know.


Goal:  (1.3)  Art and design have purpose and function


What makes a great photo great?

Every image needs strong underlying compositional order so that it grabs the eye from a hundred feet away.

It’s not about the subject

Here’s another secret: in photographic art, it’s never about the subject.  It’s always about the underlying compositional structure. Subjects that may be there are chosen because they support or create a structure, not the other way around.


When composing, ignore details.  Be sure to exclude everything not directly contributing to the image.  As you compose, only look at the boldest, broadest and most basic lines and shapes in your image in the most overall and general sort of way.

Eye Path

Our eyes are first attracted to the brightest, or the contrastiest, or the most colorful part of an image.


Details that don’t add to the overall structure of the image make it weaker. See the annoying tree in the sky on the left? I has nothing to do with the rest of the image. I always crop that out, otherwise, viewer’s eyes keep going back to it, which pulls eyes off the image. It is a distraction, which makes for a poorer image.


Lighting is the most important technical issue in photography. Pro photographers pay close attention to it, while hobbyists sadly ignore it.  The direction of light and shadow defines our lines and shapes.

Never Imitate

No one can be as good at being Ansel Adams or Jack Dykinga or Jay Maisel or David Muench or Richard Avedon or whoever, as they were.

You Can’t Go Back

When the conditions are right, shoot.  As you learn to be more observant, the more you’ll realize how nothing stays the same, even for a minute.

  • Continue working on Vantage Points and Elements and Principles, Due:  10/1/2013

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