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Day 20 ~ Purple

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

It’s Twin Day for Homecoming Week!


Art 1

Goal:  (4.3)  Art is a lifelong endeavor




  • Art Talk Chapter 5  ~ Shape, Form, and Space
  • Bring in a shoe on Thursday for Contour Shoe project




What makes a great photo great?

Goal:  (4.3)  Art is a lifelong endeavor

  • Presentations of Downtown pictures showcasing light and shadows
  • Introduce Vantage Points and Elements and Principles
  • Next assignment:  Using your digital camera or camera phone, take 5 pictures of each (total of 40) of these vantage points and elements and principles:  bird’s eye, bug’s eye, worm’s eye, frame within a frame, shapes, textures, patterns, and repetition.  Pick your best 5 out of the 40 and put together a Google Presentation.  Due:  Next Tuesday, 10/1/13

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