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Day 10 ~ Purple

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Monday, September 9, 2013

TODAY – Art 1 classes will be participating in a quiz show called:


Special Thanks to the inspiration of all the folks from NPR’s Ask Me Another. NPR’s exciting new show featuring puzzles, word games and trivia played in front of a live audience. Ask Me Another is a co-production of NPR and WNYC. Host Ophira Eisenberg invites in-studio guests and listeners alike to stretch their noggins, tickle their funny bones, and enjoy witty banter and guitar riffs from house musician Jonathan Coulton. Additional thanks to game gurus John Chaneski, Art Chung, and actor/writer Will Hines

A HUGE thank you to Frank Korb, art teacher extraordinaire for this awesome idea and letting me borrow it to use and share with MY students!!  You rock!


Goal:   Colorado State Standard (1.2)  Historical and cultural context are found in visual art

  • Read Kodak Picture Quality Settings and Optical & Digital Zoom
  • Paul Simon’s Kodachrome
  • Watch CBS Sunday Morning The Last Kodachrome Facility ends processing
  • View Paul Strand’s Photographs
  • Read:  The Art Motive in Photography
  • Watch the following video:

Dangerous Train Photograhy

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