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Day 5 ~ Gold

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Art 2

  • Continue working on Value Scale

Art 1

  • Be Statement Posters


  • Watch:  Videos and write summaries
  • Research:  5 videos and write a short description for each


  1. fkorb says:

    Hi Sunny –

    Hi! Welcome to a new year! Sorry to see you have school today. We all start on Tuesday with the kids. Although… we also run through the first week of June.

    Goals: The way I use my wordpress page is to focus on the larger picture of learning goals. This took a long time for me to move from just the agenda items to the National Standards (and this year they will be in the kids own words as translated by the kids) and then ALSO back to including the agenda items. We are moving into EVERYONE doing this sort of thing ONLINE! I should be happy about that but… there are hoops to jump through that I will also have to jump through). Keep an eye on my goals pages (starting Tuesday!).

    Keep up the GREAT work!


    • Hi Frank!
      Yes, the school year has begun and I must say it is off to a great start! I have been loving the new style of teaching using my wordpress page. I love the way you use your goals as your main focus and would love to borrow them from you, as well, if that is OK with you. Best wishes for your first day back!

      • fkorb says:


        Thanks for the best wishes. Back at you!

        I am very excited to get back into the classroom tomorrow. I worked for a long time on one particular letter to my students parents today that it felt like I was in the classroom. I have one more that JUST CAME TO MIND that I need to rewrite and update, but I have time in the morning to get that done.

        Goals – this took me a few years to get where I am today. I finally got to the point of using the National Visual Arts Standards and the National Educational Technology Standards as the real starting point. I am still going to use them as they are written – as they are intended that is – but I am going to not have the kids write them down word for word. I want the kids to take a moment in the beginning to interpret and put into their own words what the written goals mean. Then I want them to write their interpretation down on their goal sheets and then at the end of the hour reflect on the goal that they have written. This may be in the form of a specific question that I have prepared before class has begun and they write down an answer, it may be me asking a series of questions in front of the room, it may be them talking with one another about the process or struggles or successes… whatever I do, the Goals begin the class and the Generalization ends the class. I had to get to the point of using the time more wisely in the hour and allow 3- 4 minutes at each end of the hour. No more rushing to get the room clean… it is all planned. I have a timer I use on occasion to not lose track of the time.

        The Standards are not mine to give permission for you to use, but thank you for asking. PLEASE use whatever I am putting up online to help you see how one more person uses the ideas of GANAG and Lesson Planning. I am also linking my updated lesson plans on the side bar of the webpage AND I am using Google Calendar as a place to ALSO out the basics of the day for the kids to see (on the website as well as in one more location that the entire student body is able to access).

        I am here to help out as much as I can. If your district wants to adopt this idea – I am here to help as much as I can. There is MORE to it than just this, but this is all the kids really see – all the other planning is behind the scene but always have the kids forefront in the planning. I can be flown to Colorado if the district is in need of me in person : )… Keep in touch!


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